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“Practicefirst handles all aspects of the billing for my practice, with minimal interruption to my staff, and maximum performance in collection.

We have a long-standing relationship, and I would highly recommend them to any other practice.”

-John P. Visco, M.D.
 Kaleida Health


“As a multi-facility Emergency Department Group, we have always held the human element of our practice to the highest standard. This value has allowed us to achieve the goals set forth in our Mission Statement.

We were introduced to Practicefirst approximately three years ago, when they performed a third-party payer analysis for our business. We received a prompt and informative analysis that allowed us to make an important decision concerning participation with a local carrier. During the summer of 2005, we began to use Practicefirst’s full-service Practice Management solution, including medical billing and coding and documentation training. Monthly documentation and financial reports have been invaluable to our practice. This constant feedback, coupled with the guidance of certified professional coders, has allowed our providers to pinpoint weaknesses and greatly improve documentation, as well as reimbursement. The results to-date have far exceeded our benchmarks and led us to achieve new goals and objectives.

We have received first-class service on our existing business and expert analysis for the viability of new business. Our relationship with Practicefirst has been a rewarding experience that has allowed us to concentrate on medicine rather than the business of medicine. We would strongly recommend them to any other medical practice seeking a reliable, professional business consultant.”

-Gregory DiFrancesco, M.D.
 FDR Medical Services, P.C


“As a specialist in Intervention Radiology in the Catholic Health System, I have learned to use my own skills, as well as the skills of the specialists I surround myself with.

When it became evident that efficient billing required more expertise than I had at my disposal, I turned to another type of specialist, Practicefirst.

They handle all aspects of the billing for my practice, with minimal interruption to my staff and maximum performance in collection.”

-Sadashiv S. Shenoy, M.D.
 Interventional Radiology
 Catholic Health System


“As a large Western New York Pediatric Practice, we became concerned by our inability to efficiently secure reimbursements from insurance carriers. Without an effective plan and specialized EDI arrangements, we were writing off more than 12% of charges we could have collected on.

When we outsourced our billing to Practicefirst, we saw an immediate change in our situation. We diligently gather patient information, and Practicefirst’s billing specialists enter, submit, and follow up our claims.
Our write-offs have dropped from 12% to below 2%. With higher reimbursements and lower internal costs, we pay for this service with money that would have been written off, and we still enjoy a substantial increase in profits.

We have accomplished all of this with no cash outlay for software, hardware, or employee training. 

I would recommend Practicefirst for your billing.”

-Anthony Vetrano, M.D.
 Board Certified Pediatrician
 Kid's Alliance Pediatric Group, LLP


“I was introduced to Practicefirst by a contact at Brooks Hospital just as I was about to start my practice. Practicefirst not only handles my billing, but they have helped me get credentialed with new carriers, set up EDI agreements with all carriers, designed and provided superbills for the office, and answered coding and business questions.

I would recommend this cost-effective billing service to any established provider who wants to improve on reimbursements, or to any group provider who is considering starting their own practice.”

-Helen Suchanick, D.O.
 C&S Medical

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